Why work with me?




Put your needs first

Why work with me

As an experienced professional real estate consultant I…

… Will help you work out a realistic idea of the property best suited to your needs – location, size, style, price, features, and accessibility to schools, transportation, facilities, etc.

…Will help you determine how much you can actually afford and suggest additional ways to accrue the down payment and explain the alternative financing methods.

… Have access to listings of all available real estate properties (residential and commercial) and can evaluate them in terms of your needs and affordability.

…Will supply you with important updated information about real estate values, taxes, utility costs, municipal services, school system and facilities in Essex, Union and Morris counties.

…As a former civil engineer I have comprehensive knowledge of structure and mechanical systems of buildings and can suggest simple changes that could make a property more suitable for you and improve its utility and value.

…Will familiarize you with the closing process by explaining it all in advance.

…Know the New Jersey real estate market and is experienced and skilled to negotiate sale price for you.

…Am trained in qualifying prospective purchasers and assisting in increasing the ability of a prospective purchaser’s capability to purchase through various creative financing techniques.

…Am skilled in showing property in a professional way, presenting the highlights and features.

…Can help you to determine costs and expenses such as the closing costs related to Real Estate transaction.

…Offer a network of competent support people such as real estate attorneys, licensed home inspectors, mortgage consultants, contractors, and like always to insure that a smooth transaction will take a place.

I am Vladimir Leykin desire to perform these services on your behalf in a professional, competent, ethical manner. Please let me help you! – It would be a pleasure to assist you in any way you need!

Just make a wish!   I will take care of the rest!


I have worked with Vladimir on a number of projects. His professional, balanced attitude in problem solving, earned my highest regards. Vladimir has spend as much time as needed and really walked an extra mile working in the client’s interests. He is my first choice for all my RE needs.
Highly recommend.

M. purchased several investment properties in Newark

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Vladimir in spring 2014. He was highly recommended by our friends. Very professional, patient, has great knowledge about the area we were looking to buy a house in (Essex, Union, Morris County), pleasant to talk to, and generous with his time. We found our dream home within 2 months. He also helped us sell our previous house, and that went pretty fast and without a hitch.
I would recommend this realtor either to buy or sell. He has a lot of experience and patience.

N. sold a townhouse in Millburn and bought a townhouse in Morristown

Vladimir had been recommended by our friends. So far his a best realtor we ever dealt with. Buying/selling a property is a nightmare experience – we had been through that 3 times. Vladimir made this process as easy as it could be. He offered his expertise in civic engineering and his knowledge of RE market. He used to be an HVAC engineer before he started selling houses. You can trust him 100%. If you liked a house, but that house has some kind of defects, Vladimir would point it out right away (not so many realtors are willing to do that:)) It was a pleasure working with him. He is a very nice person and a great negotiator. He recommended excellent attorney and inspectors. They were highly qualified to do their job. Vladimir helped us to find our dream house. We would definitely recommend him to our friends and family.

E. bought a single family home in Florham Park, NJ

We were buying at the peak of real estate boom. Supply was scarce, and the prices were high. We started our house search with a different realtor. Took us several fruitless home shows until we realized that she was showing us not the houses we would be interested in, but the ones where she was a listed agent.
Vladimir kept us apprised on the new listings, saves us a lot of time by showing us only those houses that met our requirements, and eventually found us a townhouse in Florham Park. Considering whole market situation, we made an offer for the full asking price, but then Vladimir helped us to identify some issues that led to a several percent discount off the asking price.
We are still living in the house we bought with his help 10 years ago, and every time when we come home in spring and see cherry blossom near our house, or play tennis at our tennis court, or go for a quick swim in our community pool during lunch time – we are thinking about Vladimir with gratitude.

K. bought a townhouse in Florham Park, NJ

Vladimir is amazing at his job. He is highly knowledgeable and takes his task seriously. Vladimir knows how to price a house, sell it fast, and help the home owner do everything they need to do to move.
He is always available on cell and goes above and beyond to help you in your process.

N. sold a single family house in Morristown, NJ