Information for Sellers

My Marketing Program

1. Consultation listing price (Comparative Market Analysis).
2. Make a list of home features and benefits.
3. Consultation on preparing property for the market.
4. Multiple listing services (distribution to GSMLS members).
5. Photograph property for advertising.
6. Internet every day:

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How to make sure your home sells at the right price

Establishing a reasonable and profitable listing price for a home is perhaps the biggest challenge for every home seller. Before coming to a final figure, many sellers ask themselves: “That home down the block went for a lot; can I just price my home in the same ballpark?” “Can I jack the price up in a hot market?” These and many other factors must be considered before settling on a listing price. The professionals recommend taking the following steps before setting an asking figure.

Choose the Right Sales Associate: While many people use a friend or relative’s referral to select a sales associate, it is smart to interview many prospective agents. Invite several sales associates to show their listings presentations. Pay attention to how they plan to market the home, and find out the reach of their company’s Web site. Also, make certain they plan to list the home on the multiple listing service (MLS) and inquire about how broad their real estate contact network is.

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